Report on the activities of the “Breathe” Charity Fund in September

The heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the russian military invasion has been going on for more than seven months. The  “Breathe” Charity Fund’s team does not stop its activities for a single day. It continues to support hospitals and civilians affected by the war in Ukraine.

In September, the Fund purchased a device for objective hearing examination worth over UAH 400,000 for Chernihiv Regional Children’s Hospital. Although the hospital was under direct shelling, its team continued to work and provide medical assistance to people in the region and the city.  Among those who sought help, were patients with hearing impairments who suffered from hostilities.

The Fund also delivered more than 30,000 disinfectant wipes for various purposes, a batch of medical gowns and glasses, pulse oximeters, and over 300 first-aid kits of the MFAK type to the regions affected by hostilities.

Last month, the   “Breathe” Charity Fund provided a grant to the Children’s Public organisation “Mowgli Children’s Center” ( to cover the rent, as a part of the program, implemented thanks to financial support from Ukraine’s caring friends from the USA. The “Mowgli” Children’s Center evacuated people from Mykolaiv, Kramatorsk, Kharkiv, and other cities due to the Russian military aggression against Ukraine. In addition, the organization provided accommodation for temporarily displaced persons waiting for a train or car evacuation to the border; organized food delivery to the elderly and families with babies. It also conducts free training and children’s holidays in the parks of Odessa.

We continue to develop a partner network and establish cooperation with international and Ukrainian companies, charitable funds and volunteers from all over the world. The Fund is currently undergoing an audit to receive a new batch of humanitarian aid in the form of household chemicals. We are also starting to cooperate with a new fund and plan to transfer first-aid kits to support hospitals in East and South Ukraine.

We heartfully thank you for supporting those who are in the most need. We will continue to inform you about the distribution of aid obtained with your generous assistance.

Donations can be made via the Fund’s website: