“Charity did not start for us with the onset of the war. Many of our employees have their own charity track record in various areas. But with the start of the war, we realized that we needed to be actively involved in helping Ukraine bring our victory closer. After analyzing the activities of existing charity foundations, we have chosen our priority areas. This includes targeted assistance to doctors and hospitals, especially in flashpoints. In addition, we decided to help orphanages and homes for the elderly (very often, they remain unaddressed)”

Sergey Pogrebnoy

Sayenko Kharenko Partner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of ASCP, Co-founder of Breathe

“In my opinion, it is always important to help each other. In today’s situation, it has become an absolute must-have on the way to overcoming the challenges that arise incessantly. By focusing on humanitarian aid to the people of Ukraine, we are one day closer to victory in this terrible war.”

Yuriy Kryvosheya

Managing Partner and President of Toronto-Kyiv, President of TK Property Management Ltd., Co-Founder & Partner, KC Hospitality Solutions LLC, Vice President, Canada Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Head of Supervisory Board, PromPrylad, Co-founding shareholder and Partner of,, Co-founder of Breathe

“There will always be a shortage of medicines and medical equipment in military conditions, especially in flashpoints, just because it cannot be delivered there. At the same time, each small initiative becomes much more important if combined with similar initiatives. At “Breathe” we consolidate purchases, gain access to foreign suppliers and address targeted assistance to recipients instead of feeding numerous intermediaries. We are collaborating with other charitable foundations and volunteers to achieve this goal.”

Michael Kharenko

Sayenko Kharenko partner and Co-founder of Breathe

“In case of a threat, business always comes first to help the society. Today we face an unprecedented challenge. Our moral duty as entrepreneurs is to help others cope with trials so that their losses from what is happening are minimal.
I believe that one is the most helpful when he is willing to give but not only to earn.”

Vyacheslav Lysenko

Founder of UKR-CHINA COMMUNICATION, Ukrainian-Chinese relations expert, Co-founder of Breathe