The “Breathe” Charity Fund continues to support tenants of state property within the grant program

Children’s Public Organisation “Mowgli Children’s Center” received another grant to cover part of the rent as the state property tenants within the initiative of the “Breathe” Charity Fund. The programme appeared because of the exchange of official letters with the State Property Fund of Ukraine and is being implemented thanks to financial support from our country’s caring friends from the United States of America.

In connection with the military aggression of the russian federation against Ukraine, the organisation was able to set up volunteer work to provide 550 IDP families with infants with baby food, hygiene products, warm clothes, toys, household appliances and more. The premises of the Children’s Centre are used not only as a humanitarian aid facility but also as a “Point of Invincibility”, where children come and have the warmth and light to do their homework and play. An RC (reception centre) also assists the IDP families in evacuation from the affected regions.

The detailed conditions can be found on the programme website