The “Breathe” Charity Fund annual report

24 February 2022 is a date that has forever changed the lives of Ukrainians. For a year now, each of us has been fighting on our front: some bravely defending our homeland in the trenches, while others work on the diplomatic front to uphold Ukraine’s voice worldwide. At the Breathe Charity Fund, we have chosen a path of help and support.

From the very first days of the war, we understood the need to actively engage in bringing Ukraine closer to victory. The Fund had been helping hospitals before the war, but after analysing the activities of existing charitable foundations, we expanded our priority areas and added assistance to children’s homes and homes for the elderly.

Today, on the anniversary of this unprovoked and criminal Russian war against Ukraine, Europe, and the entire democratic world, we are publishing a report on the work of the Breathe Charity Fund and once again asking for help. Over the past 12 months, we have come to realise that every single penny counts and can bring much more benefit than we may have imagined.

We are grateful to all donors who were with us in 2022! We ask everyone not to forget about this terrible war and to continue helping Ukraine!

Follow the link to read the report on the work of the Breathe Charity Fund: