Report on work of the “Breathe” charity fund for the week

The fifth month of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine has been going on, and the work of the “Breathe” charity fund has not stopped for an hour.

Last week, the foundation delivered the necessary medicine and supplies to another field hospital.

We continue to develop relationships with companies from around the world. For example, last week, the Fund received a new batch of humanitarian aid from our foreign partners.

Many requests from hospitals remain in the works, including the National Cancer Institute, as well as centers for displaced persons, in particular, from a village in the Odessa region, that sheltered more than 1,700 citizens from different parts of Ukraine, including almost 300 children.

We heartfully thank you for your support and donations. We will continue to inform you about the distribution of aid obtained with your generous assistance.

Donations can be made via the Fund’s website.