Everyone can help

Nearly UAH 100,000 has been donated to the “Breathe” Charity Fund last week. One of the donations came from an English Premier League football club, the top division of the English football leagues.

This week the Fund delivered infusion pumps to the Kyiv City Clinical Oncology Centre.
The infusion pump allows for precise dosage of the drug in the patient’s body per unit of time, in the mode of constant infusion. Thanks to the innovative technology, the infusion pump ensures reliability, safety, ease of use and functionality. Infusion pumps are indispensable in modern medicine.

We continue to encourage everyone who cares to help Ukraine. Our victory depends on our joint efforts.

Many requests from hospitals across the country remain in the works.

We heartfully thank you for your support and donations. We will continue to inform you about the distribution of aid obtained with your generous assistance.

Donations can be made via the Fund’s website.