Sayenko Kharenko and the Breathe Charity Fund are pleased to announce the results of the Light for Children initiative, the second project within the joint campaign “Christmas Miracle during the War”. The Light for Children project, organised by the Children of Heroes charity foundation, provided assistance to 2,266 children who lost one or both parents to the war and experienced difficulties due to power outages.

Most of these children struggle to cope with power outages, and the Light for Children project was aimed to provide them with comfort during such situations. Thanks to the generous donations from Sayenko Kharenko and people from over the world, the Children of Heroes charitable foundation and the Breathe Charity Fund were able to provide children with new power banks, table lamps, reflectors, laptops and generators. As a result, The Light for Children project not only helped reduce stress and create a safe environment where children feel cared for, needed, and loved but also promoted healthy lifestyles and child development by providing opportunities to play, read and learn during power outages.

The project also provided children with 6,798 reflective wristbands to ensure their safety during street lighting outages. In total, 2,266 children received assistance through the project, with 27 families receiving generators, 814 children receiving wireless table lamps, 53 children receiving laptops, and 759 children receiving power banks.

“This initiative is a true testament to the impact that can be made when individuals, charity organisations and businesses come together to create positive change in the lives of those who need it most. The Light for Children project made a significant difference in the lives of these children affected by the war. We are proud to have played a part in this heartwarming initiative” – comments Alyona Onishchenko, Operational Lead at Breathe Charity Fund.